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Best Colored Pencils For Artists 2019-2020 Top 10

Best Colored Pencils For 2019-2020

Best Seller List Amazon

Best Colored Pencils 2019-If you’re looking to buy the Best Colored Pencils 2019, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written a complete Best Colored Pencils 2019 review guide to make it easy for you to choose the Best Colored Pencils 2019 for your budget and  needs. So without delay, checkout our best selling top 10 Best Colored Pencils 2019 and find out which is the best suit for you.

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Reviews Of The Best Colored Pencils For 2019

1.Best Overall:Prismacolor 3599TN Premier Colored Pencils

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  • Soft, thick cores are perfect for shading and shadows
  • Lightfast, richly saturated pigments
  • Ultra-smooth, even color laydown
  • Thick, robust leads resist cracking and chipping making them perfect for adult coloring books
  • 72 premium colored pencils

I am 200% amazed by the outcomes of these great colors. They are very easy to blend and layer. When I first opens the box, the pencils looked so ordinary that I was a little sad. But after I used them to do some work, they surprised me. The colors are incomparable to those cheap pencils I used to have. It seems that the pencil itself knows how to read my mind, lol! It works with me!
I don’t have any broken lead issues at all. It was sitting on the platform when I got home. It was very hot from the hot summer weather. I put it in fridge for like 5 minutes before using it. It consumes fast, though. I need to constantly sharp it to get the wanted details. The Prismacolor scholar pencil sharpener is what I use to sharpen it. It works perfectly.
Here, I added a picture of a black kitty I drew on an A4 size sketch book. It cost me a little more than half an inch of the black color pencil.
I will definetly buy a delux of 150 colors later when I have more pocket money.
All in all, 5 stars! Highly recommend it!

2.Best Budget:Black Widow Colored Pencils for Adults

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These Pencils are SUPERB! Finally, after 50 odd years, we have a truly “buttery” softcore pencil. The Black Widow Brand is the first colour pencil to surpass the Classic VENUS PARADISE Pencils of yore. You can get super intense colour WITHOUT excess pressure. If you want even more intensity, all you have to do is make another layer! One thing…DO NOT press down hard…you don’t need to. It’s almost like working with pastels, only no MESS! I have the BLACK WIDOW SET and the COBRA Set, and am going to get the scorpion set when I finish the review. I just finished a simple Mandala, using only one colour at a time…(no colour blending), and the intensity was great. I’m off to try blending, now…and I can’t WAIT until the SCORPION set arrives. THANK YOU.

3.Best Affordable:LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils

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If Lyra Polycolors don’t become your “go-to” brand, they’ll definitely earn second billing in your collection. I can best describe their lead consistency as being a cross between a traditional colored pencil and an oil pastel. They are oil-based, so they won’t leave your work with the cruddy after-effects of wax bloom. They’re soft and creamy without being oily or mushy. One of their few disadvantages is that they’ll have to be sharpened a bit more frequently than most other brands.

Lyras contain many bold and high intensity hues. A handful in this assortment are very similar in hue (i.e.: dark flesh & medium flesh; blue violet & delft blue; deep cobalt & light cobalt; scarlet lake & vermilion; lemon cadmium & light chrome yellow; lemon & canary; and ochre & light ochre). There is a more than adequate color variety, but they fall short in browns and neutrals. They are superb blenders (without the use of their ‘splenders’ which I find to be waxy and harder than the pencils themselves).

Out of the 6 different colored pencil brand sets I own, Faber-Castell Polychromos are the brand I use the most, but I find that Lyra Polycolors are often more fun to work with. Lyras seem more versatile in being able to work on various surfaces. They are well-suited to both smooth and medium tooth paper surfaces and I have found them to work well on wood. It’s a great quality colored pencil for people of all ages and abilities.

4.Best Overall:Staedtler Ergosoft Colored Pencils

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This is a great set of artist quality colored pencils. I love the ergonomic triangular design – makes it so easy to shade and color evenly. Another reviewer mentioned the indistinguishable blue hues – I did not find this to be a problem at all, even among the other colors. Each pencil is a unique color. There is much to be desired in the brown spectrum, but the more vibrant colors are well represented. I would love a larger pack to see a wider range of hues!

5.Best Popular:Prismacolor 92808HT Scholar Colored Pencils

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These are fantastic. I’m not familiar with high end brands so I can’t provide more than my experience with store brands and crayola but these certainly blow all those out the water. The cover smoothly and more completely than anything I’ve ever used. The colors are rich and vibrant. It would be nice to get a nicer case but for 30 dollars on amazon, this is a steal. have a set of higher end Prismacolors. It’s kind of a toss up as far as which pencils are better. I get tired of the more expensive Prismacolors constantly breaking as soon as you sharpen them due to the “lead” being softer. These work just as well, nice vivid colors and break less easily. A great buy for someone on a budget but wants something better than Crayola pencils.

6.Best Seller 2019:Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils

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  • For ages 3+, Thick 3.3 millimeter leads
  • 50 Colored Pencils for artists and illustrators of all ages
  • Subtle colors with a variety of shade and hue variations.
  • AP Certified
  • Features color coordinated barrels matching each lead
  • Features color coordinated barrels matching each lead
  • Thick 3.3 millimeter leads

I recently discovered adult coloring books and wanted to use colored pencils with my new coloring books. The Sargent Art colored pencils were at the top of the list when I searched on here and they had fairly good reviews plus I liked the price of them. I opted for the box of 50 pencils because overall, they are the best price per pencil versus a smaller box and there is such a good variety of colors to choose from.

I’ve already used these colored pencils several times and I love them! It’s been a really long time since I’ve used other brands so I can’t really compare them but I’m very satisfied. I love the variety of colors and the pencils color so smoothly on paper. I haven’t even had any problems with lead breaking at all. The pencils are slightly shorter than a standard #2 pencil and they are the same size in diameter (I actually have a #2 pencil at home so I was able to compare the sizes). I’ve also sharpened a few of them and they sharpen really well. I use the Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencil Sharpener (1774266) and haven’t had any problems at all.

The Sargent Art colored pencils are a wonderful set for anyone who wants to use them for adult coloring books or other coloring projects. I feel the quality is excellent and price is phenomenal for the great variety of colors you get. I will be buying a box for my mom for her birthday since she is interested in the adult coloring books as well. I highly recommend these colored pencils!

Best Colored Pencils For 2020

7.Best Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists’ Color Pencils 12pc

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Polychromos artists’ pencils are valued internationally by professionals and semi-professionals for their unsurpassed quality. The high quality standards of the Polychromos colored pencils shine through, whether they are used for graphics, artistic free style or for the exact rendition of plans.

  • Soft, vibrant color laydown
  • Water-resistant and smudgeproof
  • Break-resistant (SV bonded) leads
  • High-quality acid-free pigments in bright colors
  • Unsurpassed lightfastness (resistance to fading)
  • Easily blended
  • Made in Germany

But nice. Not waxy as Prismacolor pencils are but instead are oil based. Which is good or bad depending on what you’re looking for. Not yet convinced to buy a larger set.

Updated 11/04/2014
I still like the pencils but I just didn’t love them enough to replace my prismacolor. Positives are the smooth layer of pigment with no wax “crumbles” to swipe away while using, buttery wood makes sharpening on a hand sharpener a spiritual experience. Cons are that it didn’t deliver the pigment load I was expecting from a no wax pencil. Weak colors and similar coverage over the paper as wax based pencils. Ended up gifting them and the recipient loves them.

Because I know many artists who swear by these pencils and create great art with them I think you should try at least the small set to see how you like them and I stand by the 5 star rating because they are great. They weren’t for me but they are high quality pencils. Heck buy some of all of the professional brands to see what’s out there. This is one area where what doesn’t float my boat may be your cloud nine. Oh and the tin case is to die for. I nearly kept it when I gifted the pencils.

8.Best Crayola Colored Pencils, 50 Count Set

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Crayola Colored Pencils

Discover the soothing nature of coloring with Crayola Colored Pencils. Ideal for bringing out the beauty in finely detailed line art, this set includes 50 different colors to add vibrant flourishes to coloring books or original art pieces. Offering long-lasting color with smooth laydown, Crayola Colored Pencils come pre-sharpened so you can start creating precise line work right out of the box.

Love these colored pencils. I am not an ‘artist’ but I love drawing. My preferred color pencils are the Prisma brand because they are so nice and soft and bendable. I am all about the blending 😉 However, I had to use my cousin’s box of crayola colored pencils and I was pleasantly SHOCKED of how much I liked them. When I am not drawing I like to color in adult coloring books but find that it is a waste of my prisma brand color pencils because I have to continue to resharpen them because my coloring books have smaller spaces. Where as these colored pencils are not as soft as the prisma but they hold the point better and they are a lot cheaper. For coloring books with smaller spaces these work great, blend nicely and the colors are bright and can be bold when needed. I will not waste my drawing prisma pencils in my adult coloring books any more 😀

9.Best Overall:LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencil

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LYRA Rembrandt artist supplies are superior products for serious artists. LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils are top quality pencils for artists, graphic artists, designers and architects. With an assortment of 100 colors, Polycolor Pencils allow the user to fully explore his or her creativity. This outstanding selection offers 68 assorted Polycolor Colored Pencils, 10 Polycolor Grey Shades, and 22 Rembrandt Drawing Pencils, plus a kneadable eraser, 2 paper wipers, 1 knife, and a sandpaper block. With a wide color range, these pencils allow you to express any color desired, from strong, full tones to the most delicate nuances. The brilliance, light fastness, water resistance, and particular smoothness of the leads meet even the highest demands. Rembrandt Polycolor artists’ pencils enable the user to achieve fine, exact contours, as well as brilliantly colored areas and delicate merges. Apart from use on paper and cardboard, the colors can also be applied to synthetic materials, wood, and textiles. Draw, sketch design and empower your creativity with artist products from LYRA.

Best Holbein Artist Colored Pencil 150 Colors

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I wanted to test out the pencils before making such a huge purchase so I ordered the pastels from a reputable seller on eBay from Japan. The pastels are mainly what I wanted out of this kit. They lay down beautifully! A mix of wax and oil, it’s fine and very smooth! There is a very tiny amount of bloom but isn’t really noticeable. No smudging or any transfer of product on your hands/fingers. They do not blend well with a blender. In the second pic I used Caran D’ache blender on the left and prisma blender on the right. The prisma obviously works much better but still nothing worthy. I love these colors and feel they are good to have on hand but I wouldn’t pay the price for the whole set. Too bad they don’t sell the pastels separately on Amazon. I will have to update on them later the more I use them. I have many other reviews on quality colored pencils so I will not go into detail, you can check out my other reviews on that 😉 I do feel each brand has something to give so I do not like to compare as far as one being superior than the other. Everyone’s opinion differs but prisma premier is more bang for your buck. My top fav is Caran D’ache luminance but that’s just me. My other reviews are more in depth. 5 stars for pastels in this set!!!

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