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Best Vape Pen for E-liquid 2019-2020-Wax,Oil Reviewed

Best Vape Pen for E-liquid 2019

-2020-Wax,Oil Reviewed

Best Vape Pen for E-liquid 2019-If you’re looking to buy the Best Vape Pen for E-liquid 2019 then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written a complete Best Vape Pen for E-liquid 2019 review guide to make it easy for you to choose the for your budget and needs. So without delay, checkout our best selling top 10 list and find out which is the best suit for you.here are the best vape pens of 2019 for wax, dry herb, and eliquid.

Best Vape Pen 2019

Yocan Evolve Plus – $49.99

Yocan Evolve Plus


  • 1100mAh Battery

  • Dual Quartz Atomizer

  • Leak-Proof Cap

  • Built-In Wax Container

  • Micro-USB Charging

  • 15 Second Auto-Shut-Off

  • 3 Second Heating

Yocan Evolve Plus packs more power than the usual vape pen, which is why it has a wider build to make room for its 1100mAh battery. The stronger battery gives you lightning fast 3 second heating, a 15 second auto-shut-off feature to conserve wax and battery power, and a long battery life. A large dual quartz rod atomizer heats far faster than ceramic and delivers excellent taste since the quartz doesn’t rub off on vapor. The Evolve is the best vape pen for flavor chasers who want power, portability, and ease-of-use.

Yocan Evolve Plus

(An atomizer cap prevents leaks and promotes better heating.)

Temperature flexibility is limited. The longer you hold the button down, the more the coil will heat up until the 15 second auto-shut-off kicks in. You can pulse the button to maintain, to some degree, the temperature you want. After a few sessions, you’ll get the hang of how long you need to hold the button down to produce the clouds you like. Holding down the button for the entire 15 seconds will produce giant rips. Just a few seconds will deliver smaller, smoother, more flavorful hits. We recommend holding the power button down for 3 to 5 seconds for the best vapor quality.

The dual quartz atomizer features a cap, a rarity in wax vape pens, that prevents splatter and leakage. It also promotes better heating so you get more out of your concentrates. The cap enables vapor to cool off a bit before it is inhaled.

Finally, a non-stick wax container is hidden in the bottom of the Evolve Plus so you can carry your stash with you in a discreet way–perfect for on-the-go vaping.

R2 Series GEN 3 – $49.99

R2 GEN3 Wax Pen


  • Ceramic Dual Ti Coil

  • Remembers Last Heat Setting

  • 650mAh Variable Voltage

  • 12 Hour Battery

  • 5 Second Heat Up

  • Stealthy Size

  • Silicone Base Station

This is the third generation of R2 Series vape pens by #ThisThingRips. Like its predecessors, the GEN3 model features an atomizer designed to really rip. But this time around the battery is smarter, remembering the last temp setting you vaped at. The mouthpiece is also more discreet (the previous one, which is also included, has a see-through chamber that shows off the atomizer). Now the mouthpiece is closed to keep your clouds undercover. This vape pen offers both stealth and impressive vapor production with a 12 hour battery life.

#ThisThingRips is known for placing respectable atomizers into affordable wax pens, and they’ve continued that trend with the latest R2 Series. A dual ceramic coil brings out the true flavors of wax. Titanium coils create larger clouds. All that hardware is contained in a ceramic cup that adds extra conduction. The vaporization is efficient–every bit of wax goes to good use. And the clouds are big, dense, riding the cusp between vaping and dabbing.

The most prominent feature is a new set-it-and-forget-it battery. This capability is cropping up in most of TTR’s new vape pens. It’s essentially a time-saver. When you power the R2 Series GEN3 on, it will automatically revert back to the heat setting from your last session. You can vape right away rather than toggle through settings every time you turn the device one. Rapid 5-second heating complements that fast-paced user experience, which is perfect for those who like to rip on-the-fly.

Best Small Vape Pens

Tiny but mighty, the best small vape pens offer the utmost in portability, making them discreet and convenient to carry. Let’s break down the best small vape pens to pocket in 2018.

AirVape OM Mini – $29.99

AirVape OM Mini


  • 300mAh Battery

  • Variable Voltage (2.4v to 4.0v)

  • Keychain Ring

  • Works with Standard 510-Threaded Cartridges

  • Very Pocket-Friendly

  • 5-Second Heating

  • Elegant Metal Design

The OM Mini is a seriously stealthy device. A vape pen disguised as an otherworldly metal keychain pendant, this little guy works with standard prefilled 510-threaded oil cartridges to deliver smooth rips. Variable voltage, rapid heating, and a sturdy metal build enable customized clouds on-the-go. Those capabilities are packed into an uber-compact build that hides completely in your grip. The OM Mini is one of the smallest vape pens on the market, if not the smallest.

OM Mini

The operation of the OM Mini is geared toward keeping your rips under wraps. You can click the button like an office pen to power on and toggle temperature with the vape pen utterly concealed in your palm. In just 5 seconds, the clouds emerge, and they are delectable. The vapor quality is better than what you’d expect from a little vape pen. Not top notch, but flavorful and potent.

Stealthiness and convenience are the main reasons why the OM Mini rules. If you vape outdoors, especially in public, it won’t blow your cover. It’ll also enable quick, hassle-free rips that fit seamlessly into your day-to-day lifestyle.

MONQ Pens – $20

MONQ pens deliver aromatherapy on-the-go.


  • Portable Aromatherapy
  • 11 Essential Oil Blends
  • More Effective than Diffusers
  • All-Natural
  • Breath-Activated

MONQ isn’t a vape pen. But we thought it was worth including since it’s somewhat related and actually pretty awesome. These little pens offer a portable version of aromatherapy that’s more direct, fast and convenient than those large diffusers that fill up your room with mist. The experience is more effective, and after a few breaths you can’t help but believe there might be something to these things.

MONQ comes in 11 different essential oil blends, each carefully designed for a specific effect. For example, Active MONQ gets you going while Zen MONQ chills you out. The oils are sourced from respectable farms. And the blends are mixed by aromatherapy experts and scientists. Sure enough, the flavors and aromas are rich and multi-textured with some great effects.

You can read all about how these magical little pens work in our MONQ review blog.

OG Four 2.0 Slim Vaporizer – $24.99

OG Four 2.0 Slim


  • Pencil Thin Design

  • Lava Quartz Rod

  • Polished Metal Exterior

  • USB Charging

  • Great Flavor

  • Stealthy

Another super compact rip-and-go wax vape pen is the OG Four 2.0 Slim. It’s made of durable metal, but maintains a feather-light build. A lava-quartz single rod atomizer keeps clouds milky and flavorful. Rapid heat up delivers hits in 5 seconds, so you can take hits practically on-demand. The OG Four 2.0 Slim is for flavor-chasers who want a budget-friendly option without sacrificing good vapor production.

The amazing thing about this vape pen is the quality of the atomizers, build, and battery despite the pencil-thin size and affordable price point. The metal is durable yet lightweight. The


mouthpiece has great airflow. And the lava-quartz heating rod, which extracts surprisingly satisfying flavor, is wrapped in high grade Ti Titanium for larger clouds.

The battery has just one setting, which is better for those who just want to take a quick hit without fiddling with the controls, and you can charge conveniently via USB. The Slim is an ideal companion for wax enthusiasts on a budget who love flavorful draws.


SOURCE 10Cig Pro – $24.95

Source 10cig Pro


  • Extremely Thin and Light

  • Sturdy Metal Build

  • Grade 1 Titanium Atomizers

  • Carb Hole for Larger Rips

  • Easy-to-Fill Atomizer

  • Quartz Single Coil

  • Black Ceramic Coil

  • 3 Preset Temperatures

SOURCE 10Cig Pro is one of the most compact wax pens ever. But unlike other vape pens of this size, it’s built to last and perform. A sturdy metal build, thin as an office pen, and a duo of titanium atomizers offer a premium experience that’s rare in this price range. Each of the two included atomizers features high grade materials and offer their own unique ways of enjoying wax concentrates. To top that off, the battery boasts three heat settings. An upgrade from the original 10Cig, the Pro gives you more control over your on-the-go sessions with the same highly durable and compact design.

The two atomizers both feature titanium builds, but the heating elements are different. The first, a black ceramic single coil, absorbs wax into its microscopic pores, extracting immense flavor from it through low temperature heating. The second heating chamber, a quartz single coil, produces larger clouds than the ceramic, with flavor that’s not as optimal but still tasty. Both atomizers deliver surprisingly big rips that are fairly smooth for such a small vaporizer.

SOURCE 10Cig Pro

Toggling between the three temp settings is simple. Just click the power button five times to turn the battery on, three times to cycle to the next temp setting. The lowest setting delivers smaller, tastier clouds. The highest delivers larger clouds with less flavor. The middle setting gives you a bit of both worlds. This vape pen accommodates those on a budget, or those looking for a very compact unit that still delivers.

Best Vape Pens for Dabs

For those who are used to a dab rig, it can be tough transitioning to the relatively smaller, less concentrated vapor production of a vape pen. But did you know that some vape pens have the power of a rig packed into their pocket-friendly builds? Check out the best vape pens for dabs:

R2 RiG Edition – $129.99

R2 Rig Edition


  • Thicker Dual Ceramic Rods

  • More Titanium Coils

  • Adjustable Airflow

  • Set-It-And-Forget-It-Battery

  • Built-In Wax Jar

  • Huge Rips

The R2 RiG is technically a vape pen, but it behaves like an enail, producing enormous rips with two extra thick ceramic heating rods wrapped in double the average amount of titanium coils. A built-in wax jar and adjustable airflow add an extra level of convenience. The smart battery saves you time by remembering your last temperature. This on-the-go rig is designed for dab-enthusiasts who are sick of burning themselves with torches and being tethered to a clunky desktop rig.

R2 Rig Secret Wax Container

(A built-in wax container adds a layer of stealth and convenience.)

Like other vape pens in ThisThingRips’ latest lineup, the R2 RiG remembers the last temperature you vaped at. Just toggle through the variable temperatures, take a hit, and next time you power up the RiG will automatically revert to that temp. You don’t have to go through the motions of choosing a setting every time you start a session, which is a breath of fresh air from the usual click-fest.

If you’re used to a dab rig and want to transition to on-the-go use, the R2 RiG is the logical choice. The rips are gargantuan and mind-bending, and the design, though not very compact, is still pocket-friendly enough to put power of a desktop rig in your palm.

SOURCE Nail XL Sig 2 – $249.99

Source Nail XL Sig 2


  • Hybrid Vape Pen and Enail

  • Precision Temperature (200F-700F)

  • Quartz Carb Cap and Dab Tool

  • Works with over 30+ SOURCE Atomizers

  • USA Lab-certified Nails

  • 7 Second Heating

  • 510-Threading

  • Lifetime Warranty

SOURCE combined vape pen and enail functionality into one compact device called the SOURCE Nail XL Sig 2. You can use it with the included glass dab rig attachment or the metal atomizer chamber that screws on. It comes with 3 SOURCE 4 Series atomizers, a quartz carb cap and dab tool, and a bubbler for moisture-conditioning your rips. This is a seriously advanced device. One downside is it’s not that pocket friendly with the glass bubbler attached, but it’s as pocket friendly as an enail gets. And you can use the more pocket-ready atomizer attachment when you’re out and about.

The best part about SOURCE vaporizers–and there’s lots to love– is their versatility. The Sig 2 is compatible with over 30 of their atomizers, which are always dependably made with quality materials. Some even feature removable cups so they’re easier to clean or upgrade. SOURCE never releases new atomizers or attachments that aren’t compatible with older vaporizers, so you’ll be able to keep upgrading the Sig 2 as new accessories come out. The 6 included atomizers come in ceramic, quartz, and titanium and two different sizes, 13mm and 15mm. They really rip and boast intense flavor-ranges.

SOURCE Nail XL gives you complete control over temperature so you can pinpoint the best heat setting for your favorite clouds. The SOURCE volt Max battery has 2100mAh, way more juice than the average vape, so you can expect rapid heating and longer sessions. As dabbers move away from torches and desktop rigs, there has been a flurry of enail and pen-style units coming out. SOURCE Nail XL Sig 2 is the best vape pen for dabs that we’ve seen so far. It’s also a great enail, which makes it double impressive.

Best Vape Pens for Eliquid 2019

Many prefer larger mod vaporizers for enjoying ejuice. But vape pens for eliquid offer a simpler, more portable experience. Recently pod mods–extremely pocket friendly and easy-to-use vape pens with refillable or replaceable ejuice pods–have come to the forefront as an alternative to larger devices. Without further ado we bring you the best vape pens for eliquid:

KandyPens RUBI – $49.95

KandyPens RUBI


  • Ceramic Coil with Japanese Cotton

  • 4” Length

  • Refillable 1ML Pod

  • 8 Second Auto-Shutoff

  • Leak-Proof

  • Handmade

  • Air-Activated

  • Temperature Regulated

  • Lifetime Warranty (Battery)

Most oil vape pens are only compatible with prefilled cartridges. The affordable yet advanced KandyPens RUBI uses a refillable 1ML pod that enables you to use your oil of choice rather than the manufacturer’s proprietary liquid. Incredibly pocket-friendly, the RUBI gives you the portability of a vape pen with smooth and flavorful on-demand vapor.

OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology produces extremely flavorful clouds. The heating element delivers 1.6 ohms of power for bigger rips. The coil wrapped in japanese cotton, extracts intense flavor that you’re not going to find in most vapes this size.

The RUBI’s battery is 280mAh. Expect about 30 to 50 draws per charge. The battery is air-activated, creating vapor instantly when you inhale. These instant hits of flavor-rich clouds let you dose throughout the day with zero hassle. For the oil or ejuice fan looking for a seamless open-system vaping experience, the RUBI is the way to go.

BO One – $42.99

BO One Vaporizer


  • Premium Eliquid

  • 21 Flavors

  • 3 Nicotine Levels

  • Easy Loading

  • Replaceable Ejuice Caps

  • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection

  • 380mAh Auto-Draw Battery

  • Extremely Compact

  • USB Charging

  • LED Battery Life Indicator

Recently a new generation of “pod mods” emerged to take the throne from traditional ejuice pens. The BO One is one of the best. It’s ultra portable with a 1.5ml replaceable cap that holds the company’s very own premium eliquid. A gold plated proprietary connection enables quick plug-and-play action. Just plug in the cap and start vaping. An auto-draw battery provides instant satisfaction as soon as you inhale.

BO One caps come in 21 different flavors with 3 nicotine levels. You can choose from three different categories of flavors–Tobacco, Fruit and Gourmand–each containing a variety of options. The vapor tastes mouth-watering and is comfortable on the inhale.

The battery is air-activated, which is very convenient. The pressure of each inhale activates the heating system, which creates clouds instantly. You can charge it via USB with the included charging dock. The 380mAh battery gives you decent battery life and doesn’t take long to charge.

The BO One is the one of the best vape pens for eliquid because it does the essential well. It delivers delicious, lung-filling clouds instantly and it’s one of the smallest eliquid vape pens of its kind.

Best Vape Pens for Dry Herb

In many ways, vaping dry herb is more convenient than a joint or pipe. But if you’re leaning toward a vape pen, it can be challenging finding one for herb. Here are the best vape pens for dry herb of 2018.

Yocan Evolve-D – $34.99

Yocan Evolve-D


  • Pancake-Style Atomizer

  • Dual Coils

  • Simple Controls

  • 650mAh Battery

  • Pocket-Friendly

This particular vape pen makes the list because it’s affordable but still features an advanced atomizer, sturdy chrome build and a decent battery that provides about 3 to 6 hours of continuous vaping. It’s difficult to come by a good dry herb vape pen, but the Yocan Evolve surprises with a thoughtful design (the mouthpiece doubles as a tamping tool to keep the chamber packed tight) and a pancake-style atomizer that cooks up big rips. If you’re looking for a small vaporizer for herb that won’t hurt your wallet, the Yocan Evolve-D is a worthy option.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Evolve-D is its solid but lightweight build. It’s made of tough chrome that will hold up against wear-and-tear, but it won’t weigh heavy in your pocket. Next you’ll notice it heats in just 7 seconds–way faster than the usual dry herb vaporizer. Just click the simple single button control 5 times rapidly to power it on and it’s ready to go. The Evolve-D heats at around 3.2v to 4.2v, which is a fairly optimal range for dry herb.

Again, it’s tough to find a good dry herb vaporizer that is this pocket-friendly and affordable. Dry herb needs a bigger chamber and exactly the right temperatures to show its best flavors and effects. Most vape pens just can’t offer that because of their smaller builds (and therefore lesser heating systems). The Yocan Evolve-D transcends the limitations of herb pens to deliver better vapor quality than other devices.

G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer – $19.95

G Slim Ground Material



  • Ceramic Herb Chamber

  • Super Portable

  • 5 Second Heating

  • USB Charging

  • 510-Threading

Grenco Science put out the G Slim Ground Material for those who need a cheap and easy way to enjoy herb on-the-go with a little more quality than what you’d expect from a rip-and-ditch smoke shop vape. The G Slim is one of the more compact vape pens on this list, with an ergonomic rubber exterior and slim, slender design that slips into your lifestyle with ease. The vapor isn’t the best that money can buy–more like the best $20 can buy–giving you more bang for your buck when you’re budgeting.

G Slim Ground Material is one of the best vape pens for herb thanks to its ceramic chamber. It won’t rub off nasty odors or tastes on your herb when introduced to high heat. The chamber will also heat slow but take longer to cool off, so once you heat up the first time (which takes just 5 seconds) the next hits will be instant.

The included USB charger attachment makes it easy to power up from more places, like your computer, car, or wall (with an adapter). And Grenco Science throws in a loading tool for packing the chamber. If you are on a budget, and prefer grass over wax or oil, this is by far the best vape pen for dry herb within its price range.

What Do Vape Pens Offer?

The Best Vape Pens of 2018

The vaporizer industry has exploded in the past few years. In the wake of all this craziness, experts found vape pens to be one of the most sought after devices for wax or oil consumption. They don’t offer the greatest vapor production when compared with larger vaporizers, but they make up for it by enabling quick tokes on the street with little hassle. These pocket-sized devices are generally affordable, though expensive ones exist. Their budget-friendly prices make them an economical tool for enjoying wax concentrates, much cheaper than a desktop dab rig and more convenient and efficient than a joint.

What Sets the Best Vape Pens Apart?

Materials used, design, vapor production, ease-of-use, and stealth are a few factors that come into play. The cream of the crop excel in at least a few of these areas, and generally provide a vaping experience with little to desire. It’s generally better to invest in a unit that has it all rather than one that’s only great at one thing. Still wondering what to expect? Here is a breakdown of what the best vape pens offer.

Girl with a Vape Pen

Vapor Production – Top-shelf vape pens boast vapor quality that transcends their compact sizes. This is thanks to their high grade atomizers and powerful batteries. The best vape pens feature advanced atomizers made of high quality materials. Their batteries offer fast heat up times for quick hits, as well as multiple heat settings for a customizable experience. With most vape pens, you have to sacrifice vapor quality for a smaller, more travel-friendly design. But these top 10 vaporizers offer the best of both worlds.

Stealth – Having a stealthy vaporizer allows you to take hits in a more discreet way if you’re around other people. The best vape pens are super compact, thin, and lightweight. You can easily carry them in your pocket or hide them in your hand. Some units like the R2 RiG Edition and the Yocan Evolve Plus have secret wax containers so you don’t have to carry around a separate jar–plus your wax will be hidden in the compartment.

Ease-of-Use – The easier a vape pen is to use, the faster you can take a hit, which comes in handy in on-the-go situations. Plus it’s less of a headache not having to fiddle with the controls to take a rip. Most of the best vape pens have simple single button interfaces with click-based temperature control. Just a few clicks and you’re taking a hit. Loading and cleaning a vape pen is also easy. Just remove the mouthpiece to reveal the chamber.

Quality – The materials used matter. They affect vapor quality, how long the unit will last, and even how much it weighs. It’s common for the best vape pens to feature high grade materials. The chambers are often made with thermal-resistance solids that hold up against high heat to deliver smooth vapor. The build quality is also generally higher thanks to solid, long-lasting materials like steel or aluminum. Investing in a great vape pen pays off, as it will perform better and last longer than a cheaper device.


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